Welcome to BSC Filters (A Dover Company)

BSC Filters are world-leaders in the design and manufacture of Microwave filters, diplexers and waveguide and coaxial passive components, from prototypes for research, up to high volumes in the supply chain for the broadband access marketplace.

Image of a waveguide

Working up to 94GHz, BSC are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of filters and diplexers, specialising in Waveguide, Interdigital, Combline, Cavity, Lumped Element and Microstrip devices. Other components include : Couplers Equalisers, Switched Filter Banks, Transitions and Waveguide Assemblies.

Innovation in Design

The quest for ever higher levels of performance and cost competitiveness drives BSC Filters design and development initiatives.

BSC Filters are pioneers in the use of 'Exact Filter' and our patented 'Elliptic' technology. We are constantly expanding our suite of proprietary software to push forward our use of 'right first time' prototyping.

BSC's custom filter design expertise and production facilities are used to produce devices ideally suited to the particular needs of any application.

Featured Products

Surface-Mount Dielectric Resonator (Ceramic) Filters:

Where space is limited and high performance is required, BSC Filters' Ceramic devices offer an ideal solution. Inherently high-Q performance in a compact and lightweight package make this filter type widely suited for surface-mount integration within a PCB subsystem.

Ruggedised Hybrid (Mixed Technology) Filters:

BSC can take advantage of two or more structure types within the same device. A high performance passband can be paired with an extended stopband for superior output cleanup. This can be enclosed within a hermetic connectorised package to endure harsh environmental, thermal and mechanical conditions.

Coaxial GPS Notch Filters:

To protect GPS bands from intentional or spurious signals, the BSC GPS Notch filter range offers typically 80 dB rejection (1575.42 MHz), safeguarding GPS functionality. See Datasheet for GPS474