Electronic Warfare 

BSC offers a world leading range of suspended stripline filters, offering low loss and high rejections for passbands up to multi-octave, and extended stopbands.

Electronic Warfare Products

BSC offers a world leading range of Subsystems and components ranging from broadband Suspended Stripline Filters, offering low loss and high rejections for multi octave passbands up to integrated Subsystems such as Front End Preselectors, IF Switched Filter Banks for DRFM’s and more complicated modules such as SDLVA’s. These can be configured to the customer needs to optimise system performance.

Suspended Substrate Stripline (SSS) filters offer unrivalled broadband performance offering exceptionally low loss and low ripple over multi-octave bandwidths with excellent rejection levels of greater than 60 dB extending far beyond the required Passband. In addition to Bandpass filters, Notch filters, Band-reject, High-pass, Low-pass and complex multiplexers can also be realised. BSC Filters Ltd is a world-leader in SSS filter technology offering a broad range of products ideally suited to Defence environments.

Products can be specified to cope with extreme temperature ranges of -55 deg °C to +85 deg °C and harsh environmental requirements such as those found in the latest generation fighter aircraft as well as Naval surface and sub-surface applications.

Typical applications for these products include Electronic Support Measures (ESM), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and more generic Electronic Warfare (EW) receivers. The physical nature of the technology also lends itself to higher levels of integration by incorporation of switches, amplifiers, etc. within the SSS medium to offer more complex products such as broadband EW Switched Filter Banks and Switched Multiplexers.

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BSC is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of Microwave filter based active Subsystems, Modules and Filters, from low quantity prototypes, up to high production volumes.

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