Switched Filter Banks (SFB)

With over 30 years of design experience, BSC are well placed to offer a full range of switched filter banks, ranging from 9 channel L band 50 W CW hot-switchable combline SFB’s to 6 channel 18 GHz compact size true Surface Mount miniature SFB’s.

Based in Europe, with in-house design and manufacture capability, BSC are able to offer ITAR free designs from small development quantities to high volume production runs.

Some existing solutions are shown on this page, but there are too many to list on the webpage, so please contact BSC to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Miniature Surface mount 18GHz SFB

BSC have developed an ultra compact Switch filter bank concept.

Taking advantage of MMIC switches and ultra compact thin film filters designed in house, BSC offer a 2-6 channel SFB in true surface mount format.


  • Small size
  • True Surface Mount
  • Each filter can be individually specified
  • Thermally matched to carrier pcb material
  • Lightweight
  • High isolation between channels

14 Channel SFB

Designed to form the front end of a latest generation Software Defined radio (SDR)  covering 500MHz to 3GHz, with 14 matched channels, this SFB offers an open frame construction suitable for high levels of integration within the customer final product.

It comes complete with

  • 64dB of gain control
  • 60 dB isolation between all channels
  • Switchable Receive/transmit functionality
  • Switchable LNA on input
  • Switchable sensitivity
  • Dual selectable input and outputs

Four Way 6 – 18GHz SFB

  • Passbands
    • 6-9, 8-12, 11-15, 14-18.2 GHz
  • Band 1-3
    • Suspended substrate technology
  • Band 4
    • Combline with two notches on high side
  • Switching speed 250ns
  • Standard TTL control (4 pin), +/-5V supply
  • All passbands matched within 1.5 dB
  • Passband flatness 1.0 dB
  • Military ESM System

Four Way 2 – 18GHz SFB

The SFB 7297 is a compact four channel 2-18GHz SFB.

Designed to offer sub-octave band filters thereby increasing the harmonic rejection characteristics achieved by the overall system. Control is enabled by one of four separate TTL control lines  and switching achieved in less than 200nsecs.

Designed for airborne use, The compact form factor  is 75 x 50 x 20mm  with connectors on opposite faces for ease of integration.


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