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Combline Filters

BSC Filters’ Combline filters use a variety of wavelength capacitively loaded rods as resonators offering a low loss, rugged and compact design.

  • Giving a large degree of parameter flexibility, Combline filters can be optimised for size, insertion loss or stopband performance.
  • By altering rod sizes from a thirtieth to a quarter of a wavelength a variety of filter requirements can be realised. 
  • Frequency Range : 150MHz to 16GHz
  • Bandwidth : 1% to 35%
  • Stopband : Up to 9 times fc

Cavity Filters

For applications where low insertion loss and high performance are important.


  • Frequency Range: 500MHz to 15GHz
  • Bandwidth: 1% to 10%
  • Stopband: up to 4 times Fc


  • Bandpass
  • Bandstop
  • Multiplexers
  • Hybrids
  • Temperature compensation


  • WiMax
  • Base Station
  • Test Equipment

Cavity structures can be used to realise bandpass or bandstop filters and multiplexers where they can be used exclusively or integrated with other structures as the application requires. BSC have considerable experience in mechanical applications and are often employed to design the outline package for custom integration within the application saving on size and cost, whilst meeting tough environmental requirements.

Cavity structures give high Q performance, whilst the mechanics employed make them suitable for Military and Commercial applications where narrow bandwidth and ruggedness are important parameters. Cross coupling is used to greatly improve selectivity, whilst maintaining low Insertion Loss.

Cavities can be supplied as individual filters or integrated into banks or sub-assemblies. For broader stopband performance cavity structures can be combined with Tubular, Lumped Element, Suspended Substrate or Combline filters.

Lumped Element Filters

Using the very latest filter design techniques BSC’s Lumped Element filters exhibit low insertion loss, good VSWR and steep-skirt selectivity.

This type of structure is very versatile and well suited to a variety of market applications, including Broadcast, Telecommunications, SatComs & Defence and is available in a variety of filter configurations.


  • Highpass
  • Lowpass
  • Bandpass
  • Notch
  • Multiplexer
  • UHF – VHF
  • Frequency Range: 300kHz to 3GHz
  • Bandwidth: 1% to multi-octave
  • Stopband: up to 10 times Fc
  • Suitable for Lowpass/Highpass/Bandpass, Notch & Multiplexer devices
  • SMT or connectorised package options available

Suspended Substrate Filters

Suspended Substrate StripLine (SSS) filter technology enables high frequency (up to 40GHz) broadband filters to be realised utilising elliptical responses for excellent close-in rejection.

SSS technology utilises a photo-etched, copper-clad dielectric substrate (usually PTFE) secured between silver plated machined casings, to provide outstanding performance in terms of high Q and low insertion loss, combined with a small, lightweight yet rugged construction. This type of filter is ideally suited to broadband applications such as Electronic Warfare systems (ECM, ESM & ELINT). SSS design capability covers the full range of filter structures.


  • Lowpass
  • Highpass
  • Bandpass
  • Bandstop
  • Multiplexer
  • Parabolic Gain Equaliser
  • Linear Gain Equaliser
  • Features
  • Frequency Range: 500MHz to 40GHz
  • Bandwidth: 10% to multi-octave
  • Extended Stopband: up to 50GHz
  • 60 dB Rejection achieved at 15% from Bandedges (tighter specs available on request)
  • Tight Phase & Amplitude tracking
  • Excellent repeatability, stability
  • Rugged construction for Military environment
  • Customised outlines available
  • Fast prototyping service available

Thin Film Filters

Beyond the limits of traditional substrates, Thin Film technology facilitates huge reductions in footprint, whilst maintaining market-leading performance. 


  • Frequency Range: 2 GHz to 18 GHz
  • Bandwidth: 5% to Multi-octave


  • Bandpass
  • Lowpass
  • Highpass
  • Bandstop


  • Phased Arrays
  • UAVs and Missiles
  • High-volume Applications
  • Small-size, Low-mass Applications
  • Temperature-stable Applications

Miniaturisation of RF Filtering requires an entirely specialised approach to design and manufacture. Surpassing conventional Thin Film technology, BSC utilises materials that offer significant advantages over the traditional Alumina solutions, with improved size, loss, temperature stability and manufacturing repeatability.

For surface-mount applications where real-estate is critical, BSC Thin Film devices offer performance otherwise unachievable in such a small space. Unique high-k substrates enable high-Q filters to be realised many times smaller than more traditional ceramic or air dielectric-based structures. Thin Film devices offer SAW-style miniaturisation, operating up to 18 GHz, and offering much greater bandwidths.

The manufacturing process involves tight control and characterisation of the substrate material using highly refined, proprietary techniques. Stringent processing procedures control the tolerances required during manufacture to necessitate absolute accuracy; this in turn precipitates repeatability. Thin Film solutions are attractive not only for their miniaturisation but for high-volume applications in mass-produced modules or phased array antennas.


BSC Filters’ waveguide filters use iris-coupled resonant cavities to offer exceptionally high Q performance upto millimetric frequencies.

These provide the optimum solution for applications where low insertion loss or high power handling are important, for example RADAR applications with power handling requirements in excess of 60kW.

BSC Filters’ Exact Technology allows filters to be designed and manufactured using Iris construction which offers significant advantages for volume manufacture. Further reductions in costs are afforded by BSC Filters’ expertise:

  • Casting
  • CNC Machining
  • Extruded Iris

    We are able to deliver waveguide products in a variety of formats and finishes, and our specially developed software allows us to offer “right first time” design of waveguide filters and diplexers, reducing development cost and time to market.

    • Frequency Range: 1.0 to 100 GHz
    • Bandwidth: 0.1% to 25%
    • Stopband: up to 1.5 times Fc
    • High Attenuation
    • Low Insertion Loss

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