Reconfigurable Filter Banks (RFB)

Building on a quarter of a century of filter heritage, BSC also designs & manufactures fully integrated, multi-function filter based assemblies and sub-systems.

The RFB ( SU7465) is a broad-band (2-18GHz) filter bank that can be controlled and change its filter characteristics every 100nsecs, thus lending itself to remove  unwanted signals anywhere in the EW spectrum on  a pulse by pulse basis when used at the front end of a receiver system.

The standard unit consists of 8 contiguous channels, each 2GHz wide, controlled by a parallel digital input. Up to 16 channels are available with different channel bandwidths. Operation can extend as low as 500MHz.

Whereas with a traditional SFB, the user can choose one fixed channel from those available, the RFB has each channel independently controlled so a maximum of 256 filter sates can be realised form this 8 channel device. As such the user can realise Highpass, Lowpass, bandpass or notch/Band-reject characteristics  changing between incident pulses.

Suitable for use in an Auf environment.

Video of performance:


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