Agile & Tuneable Solutions

Future RF systems must be flexible and adaptive to changes in spectrum and configuration, both in use and throughout their life cycle. As part of our adaptive filtering roadmap, BSC introduces novel approaches to market, which surpass the industry standards in terms of selectivity, power handling, miniaturisation and flexibility.

High Power Military Communications

BSC has developed and brought to production a 225 MHz – 400 MHz digitally tunable filter for Mil-Comms applications, offering a highly-selective 4-pole cross-coupled response with high ACPR, 50 W hot-tuned power handling and FPGA-based control with user-reconfigurability.

Comparison of BSC response (solid line) to existing products (dotted)

Agile Radar & EW Front-End

The Mil-Comms solution is built upon a flexible control architecture, which may be combined with alternative tuning mechanisms at S-Band, X-Band and beyond. The result is a family of tuneable solutions, configured to suit agile Radar or Broadband EW front-end applications.

Block Diagram

Active Filters

X band QFN packaged tunable regenerative filter. This tuneable filter includes amplification that recovers loss within the passband of the filter, but without amplifying signals outside of the filter passband.

Measured data is shown indicating that almost 0 dB loss can be provided with the passband  while maintaining an excellent roll off and wide stopbands outside the frequencies of interest.

Frequency Range:  1 MHz to 18 GHz
Tuning Speed:  As fast as 100 ns

  • Bandpass
  • Bandstop
  • Military Communications
  • Software Defined Radio Systems 
  • Electronic Warfare Front-end 
  • Agile Radar 
  • Test and Measurement
  • Open FPGA control architecture for Insitu reconfiguration
  • High-power variants
  • True cross-coupled responses available
  • Miniaturised variants in QFN packaging
  • Further integration with LNA’s, limiters & switching

Miniaturised & Phased Array

Building on BSC’s Thin Film filtering & integration heritage, it is possible to create highly-miniaturised tuneable filters which offer a level of performance in L, S and X bands that is traditionally commensurate with larger technologies. Such reduction in size allows for direct integration of agility into array elements themselves, opening up scope for greater function and resilience at system level.

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