Suspended Substrate Equalisers

Suspended Substrate StripLine (SSS) filter technology enables high frequency (up to 40GHz) broadband equalisers to be realised with either linear or parabolic equalisation slopes..

SSS technology utilises a photo-etched, copper-clad dielectric substrate (usually PTFE) secured between silver plated machined casings, to provide outstanding performance in terms of high Q and low insertion loss, combined with a small, lightweight yet rugged construction. This type of equaliser is ideally suited to broadband applications such as Electronic Warfare systems (ECM, ESM & ELINT).

  • Parabolic Gain Equaliser
  • Linear Gain Equaliser
  • Features
  • Frequency Range: 500MHz to 40GHz
  • Bandwidth: 10% to multi-octave
  • Tight Amplitude tracking
  • Excellent repeatability, stability
  • Rugged construction for Military environment
  • Customised outlines available

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