QuEST Filtering Solutions

QuEST Features:

BSC’s QuEST tool allows customers to design a filter Lowpass, Highpass or Bandpass filter using different technologies to realise narrowband and wideband filter performance. QuEST is a full synthesis and analysis package, giving real results not ideal theoretical values.

This filter design can be adjusted by the user to meet your own passband and rejection needs, complete S2P data files can be downloaded for use in system modelling as well as sending the design to BSC via email for formal quotation and incorporation into a BSC specification. 

After specifying an initial passband, move to the design page entering passband and rejection limit lines on the plots then adjust the complexity of the design including number of sections and transmission zero placement to realise your chosen filter.

  • Obtain return loss & group delay information
  • Download an S2P file for modelling
  • Analyse filter performance over temperature
  • Study effects on different noise floors within your system

Using the graphing functions, the filter performance can be viewed over different frequency ranges and amplitude levels, giving the opportunity to look at passband and broadband performance. Physical size and mechanical configuration options are also available.

Additional features include the capability of sending the design direct to our Engineering experts for review and quote.

Quest Filtering Solutions

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